“I want to help you succeed and become the best version

of yourself.” 

                                                              – Michael White

 His mission is to help people once again find meaning in their lives, whether it be in their family life, their business or their spiritual journey.
Michael understands more than anyone what it feels like to drift through life with no sense of direction.


 He wants to help people avoid that drifting stage in life and find their focus again. He’ll help you wake up with passion and desire in your heart and a love for life, instead of just living life day by day.


 Michael’s motto is “Life is too short, so you have to make every minute count.”


 Your life is like a puzzle, and each experience you go through adds a piece to that puzzle. Nothing is good or bad, it’s all just experience. The choices we make shape our lives, so the question becomes; “Do you like the puzzle you’re staring at?” If not, change the pieces and make different choices.


 Making changes can help change some of the pieces, so you can get a different result for your life and then live the enriched life you deserve.




         The elite people I have worked with, had amazing conversations with

This is the part Michael loves the most with the work he does. Seeing the lives, he has touched and impacted being here on this earth.  He has had the gracious opportunity to work with some of these elite people in business, charity work, public speaking and one on one here is what some people are saying about their experiences with Michael.


You want to live your best life now, not later and everything in it should be MAGNIFIED x5; Your friendships, your business, your health, God and anything else you might do. The best things in life should be magnified. You’ve only got one life to live, you might as well make it count. So I am going to provide you with the articles to help you with business, relationships, health, self-awareness, and God.

  • This is something I truly believe in: R.E.D or “reviving every dream”. Too many times we give up on our dreams; we let them die, but no more. It’s time for us to start reviving each and every one of t

  • This is a story that was shared with me about how a person overcame the fear in their life. So many times we let fear dominate us and the choices we make daily. But I say enough is enough, it’s time t

  • We need to ask ourselves about the meaning of personal empowerment. Personal empowerment is knowing yourself and being able to take that person to new heights each and every day and to have authority

Daily Scriptures

Whenever I need strength I turn to the bible it’s the one thing that keeps going and I want to share scriptures that have changed my life. Every day I will be posting new scriptures that will inspire you and cover you in the blanket of love and strength from god.


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