You don’t need motivation, you need to hear something that sparks the motivation already inside you and propels you to take action.”

                                                                                   – Michael White

I would have never thought that someone like myself could build the success I have today. Growing up with A.D.D. was difficult. My teachers didn’t know what to do with me. I could never sit still. I was all over the place. My potential for success wasn’t that great. I was told I wasn’t going to make it in the real world and that really held me back because I didn’t believe in myself at all. I just figured I was just going to be another entry in the failure statistics and I carried that with me all my life – until after high school when I went to an adult education school when I was 18.


That’s when things really started to change. I had teachers who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Even though I was all over the place, they were patient with me and told me one thing: “Focus! You’re better than this. We see the potential in you, but you have to see it in yourself.” And it was that potential that they saw in me that helped me finish and get my high school diploma. Someone believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. They didn’t write me off as just another statistic and because of that they allowed me to speak at school assemblies and everyone told me I was really great at it – but I still didn’t think much of it. What really changed my life was personal development and that’s what got me into speaking as a career and really enjoying it. The funny thing is I disliked reading a lot back then. It wasn’t until I got into personal development that I realized it wasn’t reading that I hated, it was the content I was reading.


I began reading books about people in similar situations to mine, people with learning disabilities, high school dropouts, college dropouts who were, nevertheless, having tremendous success and not letting their circumstances define them. I always thought success was for others and not me. It wasn’t until I started reading these books that I understood success is for everyone and anyone can have it. Those circumstances are just things that you have to overcome in order to make your character better.


I had always let myself be defined by my A.D.D and because of it I couldn’t be successful. I can tell you that’s not the case today. I am a personal development speaker with my own thriving business and I have gone back to my old school and to speak to students about perseverance and about not being defined by what people say about you. If I can leave you with anything it would be this: we aren’t defined by our circumstances but are defined by what we believe. To go from almost dropping out of high school to coaching and mentoring people locally and internationally has been a humbling experience and even having the opportunity to speak on stage at one of Ottawa’s most prestigious schools, Carleton University, was one of my biggest accomplishments. Also speaking for the Sens sports and leadership league at the Boys and Girls Club was another highlight in my career. By speaking, I am giving back to my community which is something you can’t put a price on.


The greatest riches in life are found in building up others and helping them succeed.”
– Michael White

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Amin Harb (Business Owner )

I’ve known Michael for a long part of my life. He has always been someone whom I’ve confided in. He’s one of those people who is always willing to help. I can truly say Michael is one of the most kind spirited person I’ve ever known. The world is filled with so many negative people it’s nice to have someone around who is so positive.

Amin Harb
Deluxe Pro Detailing

Anthea Morphitis(Personal Development Coach and Author)

I am the founder of a Coaching and Personal Development Company called ULAW, a

Inspirational Speaker, the Author of ‘Feel Good And Watch What Happens’ and up and coming book ‘ULAW The Practical Guide To Applying The Law of Attraction’ I am

passionate about helping and love nothing more than helping people make progressive

movements towards the things they want to achieve in life.

Michael and I connected through the internet over a year ago, and have built a great relationship, our conversations have are always deep, insightful enlightening and profound. Michael is a great listener, full of knowledge and wisdom, he has helped me grow in all aspects of my life, inspiring me to be the best version of myself, he has a unique way of teaching that leaves you feeling alive and empowered along with the patience of a saint. I feel honoured and blessed to have Michael part of my life and I believe he will impact your life in a profound way. Keep doing what you’re doing Michael, the world needs more people like you.


Anthea Morphitis
(Personal Development Coach and Author)

Christian Robillard

My name is Christian Robillard and I am a recent graduate of the Master’s in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program at Carleton University. I’ve sat on different charity advisory boards, and used to chair a cool fundraising event in the city called Exile Island in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, specifically their National Capital Region Chapter.


Having chaired Exile Island for the past two years I’ve come to see a lot of dedicated people. One individual who always stands above the rest with his commitment, his big heart, and his attention to detail is Michael White. Michael is one of our most senior and important volunteers in helping to make sure our challenges on the day-of are a success. He’s always prompt, full of energy, and that energy he passes on to others to ensure they have a memorable experience. I can honestly say I always look forward to having Michael on the team, and his ability to get people excited for the day is amazing to watch.

Christian Robillard

Elizabeth Dent

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Dent and I am a recent graduate from the Master of Public Health program at the University of Western. Soon after finishing my Master of Public Health (MPH) I was fortunate to receive a job in the Public Health Liaison Unit within Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. In addition to my MPH, I have two undergraduate degrees from the University of Ottawa and hope to one day study Medicine and become a physician. I first met Michael while working at Citizenship and Immigration Canada and I knew from the moment we spoke that this was a wise, dedicated and caring individual. Michael was a monumental force in my life during a time of big transitions and changes. He helped to remind me of my strength and motivate me along the path of success. What is amazing about Michael is the way he is able to listen without any judgement but also he is able to give you the advice you need in a way that is catered to your own personality. The books he had suggested I read are to this day the main books which I quote and reflect on. He is definitely the person to have on your side along the road to success. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email at lizz.dent@gmail.com.

Elizabeth Dent
Program Officer - Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada

Josh Rhyne

Michael White  is the man when it comes to personal development and business. His energy is contagious and he surrounds himself with only the best people. You want to get in this guys circle.

Josh Rhyne

Kirsten Kruger

I met Michael during a period in my life where I was struggling in network marketing due to the negativity that consumed my mind. It was during our conversations he taught me to stop and listen to myself and my mentality.  He reminded me of the woman God intended me to be and helped me clear the continuous negativity that came with each dream and thought process. Today I still continuously enjoy our conversations.  Michael made me believe in myself again and reminded me that no dream is too big or too small.

Kirsten Kruger
Customer Service and Administrator

Martin Scheinberg

For as long as I’ve know Michael, which must be over ten years now, he has exhibited some of the best leadership qualities that I’ve ever seen.   As his teacher at the Hull Adult Education Centre,  Michael always stood out as a leader in class.  He has always been extremely mature and would be among the first students to answer questions and participate in class.



Outside of class, Michael was the president of our student council.  He took that role very seriously and did everything in his power to make the school a better place.  He worked closely with all of the teachers and the principal to organize fundraisers, school outings, Christmas parties and our annual graduation.  All of these things took a great deal of planning and always went very smoothly because of Michael’s great commitment and ability to work with other students.



Since Michael has graduated, he has come back to our school several times and has spoken to the entire school population.  This is not an easy thing to do, but Michael is a very relaxed and confident public speaker.   He wanted the students to avoid any mistakes that he had made and provide guidance for them to achieve maximum success.  Many of the topics that he discussed were well received because Michael was a former student and not a teacher or a principal.  We will be grateful to have him speak any time in the future when he is available.



If you have any questions about Michael, you can reach me at mscheinberg@wqsb.qc.ca

Martin Scheinberg
Teacher at Hull Adult Education Centre


Hi, my name is Yannick and I work as a personal trainer and a physiotherapist assistant.   I am honored to have been blessed by the presence of Michael White and the conversations we have about God and life or business. He has a unique way in which he listens and there is no judgement coming forth. Michael is a gifted speaker who has a confidence which transfers to whoever he is around. With Michael White, there is no doubt that you can reach the top if you apply the knowledge he imparts to you. God bless.

Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist Assistant

Katie Z Meyer

Michael White, you are an amazing Individual! Thank you for all that you have done for me 🙂 You have helped me in so many ways and have now we have become great friends in our journey making our business! Thank you for all that you do and the lives you change!

Katie Z Meyer
Katie Z Meyer- Entrepreneur and social media influencer

Kaley Holmes(Social Media Influencer)

My name is Kaley Holmes, I am the CEO of Ompowerment. A small business movement and blog dedicated to Holistic medicine, health and wellness.


I met Michael about two years ago very unexpectedly and we recently reconnected when I just so happened to be in between a rock and a hard place. I soon clearly understood that me and Michael’s meeting was not coincidental, we met for great purpose and meaning.  


Michaels work is truly inspirational, he dedicates so much of his energy to the people around him. He has done so much for me, he has opened my eyes spiritually, challenged me mentally, and has allowed me to feel comfortable and content with the depths of my emotions.


He saw through the thick walls I had up and confidently but gently helped me to break them down. He knew exactly what to say and taught me so much along the way.


I had zero confidence when I met Michael, except I didn’t exactly know this right away, I had also been lying to myself subconsciously for quite some time. Working with Michael has changed this drastically. Through his knowledge, love, dedication, patience, expertise, experience, determination, selflessness, authenticity and whole hearted support I have been able to become aware and breakthrough some of the biggest burdens holding me back from the life I dreamed of. Whether it be success in relationships, business or self awareness, I know that I am a winner and that I am worthy of it all. I couldn’t have gotten here without Michaels guidance and coaching.  

Kaley Holmes