My Brands

Commitment creates champions podcast

  • Our podcast is designed to give you strategies you can use to build the life or business you desire.
  • Our special guests will give you the roadmap to building success with no fluff and with the strategies that worked for them.
  • The podcast features condensed interviews that are short and impactful.
  • We pride ourselves on giving you free content that you can enjoy but most of all that is valuable and life changing.

The Entrepreneurs Identity Mix-tape

  • A Mixtape that is going to spark the motivation inside you
  • 12 tracks full of engaging content relevant to today’s era and generation.
  • Music that matches the content and upbeat.
  • Leaving value in your heart and soul that all things are possible.

Know Yourself Apparel .com

  • This brand represents people who are relentless when it comes to building their dreams, letting nothing get in their way not even their own thinking.
  • We believe this apparel will spark the motivation that already exists within you. You just need something that sparks it to make you want to take action on your goals and dreams.
  • If you live it, why not wear it as well. This clothing line will allow you to express your thought life and hustle.
  • We will be offering: hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and tank tops.

Entrepreneurs Playbook for Success (Spirit, Mind and Health)

  • Your spiritual life, Mind and your health via video and articles.
  • Each month there will be different successful people on the front cover plus their video story
  • Me and my team will be reviewing people’s stories that they submit
  • This will give successful people in the areas of spirituality, mind set and health to share their story with world. And get the exposer they deserve.