Living Life on your Own Terms

Living Life on your Own Terms


Episode Show Notes

The importance of living life on your own terms….


When you think lifestyle freedom what do you think of? what runs though your mind? More time with family and friends? more money and being able to buy what you when you want it? My good friend Polo Dlm can tell you what life is like living on your own terms he hasn’t worked a job in two years going on to three. He has created his own digital market agency and takes on a lot of client’s clubs, bars, restaurants and real estate.   These people trusted enough him to take their brands to the next level and from that he has really been able to live life on his on terms and just got back from a trip across  trip all across Italy

Let’s dive in

In this episode you will learn…

● How does one build life on there own terms.

● How traveling can open your mind set.

● What does it take to build a life on your own terms?

● Building life around business, health and success.

● How to make everyday day count.


If you want to connect with Polo DLM on facebook click the link below. If your looking to grow your marketing via Instagram, Facebook or a personal website you can contact Polo Dlm via facebook or his personal website


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