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Michael White is a true inspiration to those who are tired of being restless and want to change their lives for the better. He represents change and believes in deep engagement with his audience. When he speaks, he speaks with passion and authority. Michael believes that to really change someone’s life, you have to take them through a process in which they have a profound breakthrough (which he refers to as a mental set shift), which leads to transformation and from that transformation you get results; because you’re acting from a new state of mind. This is not your old dis-empowering state of mind but a mindset of power and strength.

Michael’s Journey of public speaking started when in his mid-20’s he got asked to speak at a lot of the school assemblies because he always knew how to get a crowd excited and get messages across that resonated with his audience but he never thought in a life time he could turn it into a career and change peoples live with his message.  And he has done just that changing life at a time either though one on one coaching or group events Michael makes sure the people leave changed for the better.

Signature Keynote

Mapping Out Goals


Ideal for                 Business mind people / Associations / People looking to get rid of mental blockages


Length                   7 minutes with 2 minutes of (live Q&A)  


Inclusions             How to have a blueprint for your goals and tasks and how to maximize your strengths when it comes your friend circle and mind set.


This message will help you break though the things that are paralyzing in your business life and your personal life. Michael walks you through step by step what it takes to have a successful though life and how to follow though with your goal and not for them to just be wishful thinking. This information has helped Michael build successful relationship around him and to have that level of engagement with everyone he meets and for his business life it has allowed him to follow though on any tasks he puts in front of him which has changed his life dramatically.