Martin Scheinberg

Martin Scheinberg

For as long as I’ve know Michael, which must be over ten years now, he has exhibited some of the best leadership qualities that I’ve ever seen.   As his teacher at the Hull Adult Education Centre,  Michael always stood out as a leader in class.  He has always been extremely mature and would be among the first students to answer questions and participate in class.



Outside of class, Michael was the president of our student council.  He took that role very seriously and did everything in his power to make the school a better place.  He worked closely with all of the teachers and the principal to organize fundraisers, school outings, Christmas parties and our annual graduation.  All of these things took a great deal of planning and always went very smoothly because of Michael’s great commitment and ability to work with other students.



Since Michael has graduated, he has come back to our school several times and has spoken to the entire school population.  This is not an easy thing to do, but Michael is a very relaxed and confident public speaker.   He wanted the students to avoid any mistakes that he had made and provide guidance for them to achieve maximum success.  Many of the topics that he discussed were well received because Michael was a former student and not a teacher or a principal.  We will be grateful to have him speak any time in the future when he is available.



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